Friday, January 19, 2001

DO YOU GET MATERNITY RIGHTS IN A POP GROUP?: Last Thursday, Kerry Katona was trilling away to the Liverpool Echo about how - like The Spice Girls - she was planning on returning to work with Atomic Kitten after she'd given birth to the spawn of the devil Westlife baby she's currently impregnated with. Yesterday, it was announced that she was leaving the band and - in a move not unlike inviting Miss Boo onto the management team - one of the surplus members of Precious will be taking her place. New Kitten will be Jenny Frost, a "friend of Prince Andrew", apparently. Not since The Three Degrees had their career buggered by being labelled Charles Windsor's favourite act has there been such a dismal trio/royal crossover.
Music365 reports - "the bubbly scouser hopes for a career in TV" - so, erm, why won't you return to your old job?

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