Saturday, January 27, 2001

ROCK CHICK: One of the great joys of the tabloids is the way they manage to apply a veneer of fame to almost anyone. This week, some posh bint who's been dropped by some over-privileged aristocrat was languishing under "Rock Chick Dumped" headlines. Turns out she was a session singer who appeared on Murray 'brother of Giles off Buffy' Head's One Night In Bangkok single back when Chess was the new rock and roll - i.e before the phrase "the new rock and roll" had been coined. Anyone seen any more obscure clinging to the running board of celebrity?
CORRECTION: Turns out you really shouldn't believe what you read in the tabloids - the 1NIB she appeared on wasn't even that one. Um, hanging out with Cradle of Filth and appearing in porn movies that like to pretend they ain't, that'd be nearer: - nope, still none the wiser...

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