Tuesday, January 30, 2001

RUBY RETURNS: Another "where the hell have you been, then?" return, as Ruby returns after four years not doing much. Led by ex-Silverfisher Lesley Rankine, Ruby made that there Tiny Meat track about little willies, and are just all-round excellent. Lesley's left Seattle and moved back to Britain, and the new website has that so-zeitgeisty toy of the 21C, a 'remix the tracks for yourself' slot. Hoo-bleedin'-rah. Now all we need is something from Kevin Sheilds, other than the sound of him honking in the background of a Primal Scream party. Oh, yeah, the band have pitched up on Martin Carr's Wichita Recordings label, which seems to be where the best bits of the Creation diaspora are making their homes.
Ruby website. Go on, mix it

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