Friday, February 09, 2001

GALLAGHER: NOW ITS A LOVE PENTAGRAM: Today's Mirror has a barely-concealed baps shot of Patsy Kensit on the front page with the headline "Look at what you're missing, Liam" - yes, but we recall that godawful Face photoshoot while they were still together - look at what you had, the pair of you. Anyway, Patsy's spilled her guts to Arena about what life was really like with Liam. Surprise, surprise, he was a slack-panted dickhead. The "bombshell" in the piece was Kensit - former pea commercial star - announcing that there's another Gallagher sprog about, child of Lisa Moorish. The kid had been credited to Justin Elastica on the label, thereby making that indie world even smaller yet. Moorish worked with Oasis on the War Child project, and is perhaps best known for her cover of Wham's I'm Your Man, a track which rocketed into the charts when George Michael popped up to offer backing vocals and Andrew Ridgeley didn't. For what little is known about Moorish - besides her frankly puzzling taste in men - visit the Ultimate Lost Bands List.

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