Friday, July 06, 2001

HMV sale: So, another mega sale at HMV, and although both them and Virgin do the same thing almost year-round now - some of the unsold singles are starting to look as unkempt as an alcoholic who's spent a night under an electrostatic bush - but you can always find some ways of spending silly amounts of money if you want to. Finally got The Auteurs debut album on CD (ah, back for when I used to refuse to duplicate purchases and play into the record shop hands, and dropping beneath a tenner made Madness three cd box set hit my price point.
Madness, Madness. Great band, but I find it hard to say that. Mainly because of the nutty dance, which was the sort of dance that even the geeky kids would attempt. I hated the way people treated them like they were just gormless cunts, when there was a stench of misery rising from them. "Stop doing that stupid duck-landing-on-the-sun dance" I wanted to cry, "and listen to the bloody lyrics." But I never did. Maybe I was just a bad, bad child. That's possible.
Bought a couple of other things, too - the Joy Division substance (again, replicating an earlier vinyl purchase. To my delight, this was two quid cheaper than the more recent Joy Div comp, despite the newer one having fewer tracks, and a crappier sleeve.

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