Monday, February 18, 2002

ALSO 80'S: Nice to see Limahl popping up to do Too Shy and Never Ending Story on the otherwise nostalgia-by-simple-numbers Class of 1984 on Saturday night, especially after the Trouble at Top detailing the struggles for Bucks Fizz between Bobby Gee and David Van Day. Limahl, of course, got kicked out of KajaGooGoo (what was it? Too gay? Not Christian enough? Prettier than the others?) and seems to have got the balance right between being Christopher Hamill when he wants to be, and doing Limahl when someone will pay him too - his 80s personna being like a glove, or perhaps some sort of hat. Meanwhile, what happened to his nemesis, Nick 'big bubbles no troubles' Beggs?
His website suggests that, as well as a career as a session musician (the musical equivalent of emptying ashtrays), he's started illustrating children's books. Mind you, the news page was last updated in 2000 - it's that ability to make annual changes that makes the web so flexible, of course.

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