Sunday, May 26, 2002

HOLE FILLED IN: No a great deal of surprise in the demise of Hole, in the end, then. It's - what - four years since Celebrity Skin? I don't really know that that many people thought the Courtney Love show was still going, to be honest. It seems to be the weekend for acts who we'd assumed were locked with Uncle Walt in a big, cold room coughing politely and falling over, as apparently Massive Attack are thinking of calling it a day, too. Maybe this is some sort of extreme news management - to avoid breaking the hearts of fans the way the Steps split did, bands are waiting until they've been largely forgotten before dividing the petty cash and arguing about who paid for the drum riser.
Massive Attack in "crisis talks", reports - "making an album takes more than one day a month", claims 3-D. "As much as that?" asks a shocked Travis.

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