Tuesday, May 28, 2002

NOT THAT ANYONE BOTHERS ABOUT MY OPINIONS, EITHER: Hey, shuffle a few hours closer to the inevitable sacking you're so sorely tempting by wasting your working day looking at the frankly bizarre DooYoo site, one of those webspaces where people who otherwise would be honking at single mothers on Trisha get to let off steam, in this case, about Music. Three things we learn from this: first, that more people have an opinion on The Lightning Seeds than on Ryan Adams; second, some people think that The Carpenters are indie/alternative, and thirdly, left in the wild, musical opinions tend to gather along the Line Of The Day. Thus, The Stone Roses were, says everybody, perhaps not the greatest band in the world, but they defined a time and were important. While Elastica's second album is still worth three stars - everyone says so - but, frankly, it was lazy and slapdash. Someone, please, add something sparkling. And then tell us: I-have-undermined-doo-you@bothsidesnow.co.uk

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