Tuesday, June 18, 2002

AND WE THOUGHT THE UK POP PRESS STANK: Consider what's happening in the US of States, where Rolling Stone has dragged Ed Needham, former UK editor of FHM, to the helm. Ed, now managing editor Ed, thinks what the magazine needs is "more fashion." Dunno about the US, but in the UK pop papers bids to re-invent themselves as style bibles usually suck - "Panties and belts Mike Joyce's own" territory - and surely thinking that stick thin models in barely there skirts is the answer to RS is to misunderstand the product? Under Jann Wenner, the Stone has been slipping down the cracks with covers of the J-Lo in bikini/topless Janet Jackson/Britney being Britney nature, and people at least know who they are. You'd have thought that maybe it would be time to return to what Rolling Stone was for, originally, and start giving a voice to the voiceless. Rather than cribbing from Women's Wear Daily, Needham should be down at Maximum Rock & Roll and Punk Planet, trying to persuade radical young things that it'd be worth sacrificing some of their principles in return for some readership. Ain't gonna happen though, is it? How soon do you think Brandy's stretchmarks will have subsided enough to airbrush out, Ed?

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