Tuesday, June 11, 2002

ANOTHER 'BOO REVIEW: Luna in SF - over to Becky Bamboo:
I went to see luna saturday night. the audience was interesting. I'm beginning to think there really is no accounting for taste cos I see all types at the concerts I go to. but there was this guy.. oh my. he was youngish, I'd guess in his 30's, and he had *the* worst combover I've ever seen in my entire life. and it's not like he needed it either. it looked as if he had enough hair, though perhaps a little thin in front. it was combed forward and to the left and was thick and kinda fuzzy. and it had little sparkly bits in it from the way the lights made the hair spray shine. it was truly hideous. I'd watch other people notice it with looks of amused disgust and laugh. at first I thought it had to be some sort of joke. orironic. or anything. but he wasn't there with anybody. maybe he doesn't have any friends? after all, what kind of friends would let him out of the house like that? it was really, really bad. and very funny.

there was also a woman who looked like polly jean harvey from the side. she was joined by a guy with a whiteboy fro. *so* not who I would've pictured her with.

oh yeah, the music. the opening band was sonic boom, whom I promptly renamed sonic boring. take luna's slowest songs, slow them down even more, get rid of the pesky rhythm section, remove all semblance of a melody and you'd have these guys. and guess who joined them for a couple of songs? yep, whiteboy fro guy. hah. he didn't help though - just contributed another layer of monotone guitar. yawn. their last song was the worst - 20 minutes of repeating the same 4 bars, "girl, you turn me on".. ick ick. IT NEVER FUCKING ENDED.

so you know that onion article about the band being upstaged by the between sets music? uh-huh. somebody threw ben kweller, neutral milk hotel, the white stripes, the new pornographers, and one other cd I didn't recognize but liked in the changer and hit random. it was far more enjoyable than sonic boring.

then luna came out. yay! hey, is it written anywhere that every female bass player has to be hot? cos i sure seems like they all got the memo... and the drummer was bald. like, lex luthor bald. mmm... uh, yeah, the music. the new stuff fit in great with the older songs. it was all beautiful and fun. UNTIL I start getting the sneaking suspicion that they weren't gonna play 'tiger lilly'. now, the only reason why I got into luna was 'tiger lilly'. I *love* 'tiger lilly'. they tried to make it up to me by singing in french (bonnie & clyde), but I was having none of it. no 'tiger lilly'. I was so disappointed.

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