Wednesday, June 19, 2002

LEEDS CASTLED: Irony of ironies... while the licensing authorities down in Somerset insisted on Mean Fiddler being involved with Glastonbury to guarantee safety, it's clear that Leeds Council doesn't share their faith in the abilities of the London-based promotions company, refusing to grant the Leeds leg of the Reading Festival a licence over concerns about... safety. The Mean Fiddler are going to appeal the decision - of course they are. Two campaigns have been attacking the festival plans - one by the Friends of Newsham Park is less concerned at the possibility of burning Korn tshirts, and more worried about the environmental impact of the event (again, ironic considering that MF are now the guardians of the Green Field at Pilton); the other led by the Yorkshire Post. Course, if ticket sales were poor, it could offer a handy backdoor for the organisers...

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