Wednesday, June 26, 2002

MOANING MOBY: Moby has come up with a handy new theory to explain why furrow-browded pop stars are selling fewer records than their glittery rivals. It's the Pearl Jam Effect. Moby reckons that bands whose fans are more techno-savvy than others will suffer, as their smart fans will be able to download the music from the internet, while dumb music fans have no choice but to drag their knuckles across the floor to their local HMV and buy their music there. This, he explains, is why Weezer sell less than Pink. This ignores two vital problems - first, it asks us to believe that Weezer fans are more techno-smart than Pink fans (the sort of people who can text message from their biros while accessing Pay Per View porn through child filters); second, it ignores the fact that Pink records are bouncy and fun and well made, and are almost guaranteed to sell in huge quantities. It's not clear if Moby is implying the Pearl Jam fans are smart or not.
Moby Muses at Launch - hmm, could this theory be connected to Poor Album Sales by the vegan ad-jingle composer?

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