Thursday, June 06, 2002

RAISE A GLASS OF - inevitably - HYDROGEN PEROXIDE BEER: Of course, it's an irritating sign of aging that bands you still think of as "new" are onto the retrospective/wrap up stage of their career, but it gives us all a chance to sample the collated delights of the Rock Stars of Love, eighties noise punks who've compiled a collection of their Billboard non-hits. And, um, we meant to write down the distro details, but we forgot. How punk rock is *that*, eh?

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pril said...

Rock Stars of Love was officially one guy named Robert Coffman who I used to hang out with infrequently. The label, Hobart Arms, was named after an apartment building near where he lived. The song about the kid named Scooter was partially about a kid I used to babysit in San Pedro, CA.

Get in the Dodge Dart and drive.

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