Thursday, June 20, 2002

THEY CALL IT VIRAL MARKETING BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU FEEL SICK: So, continuing our close observation of how this works, Soul Hooligan's latest attempt to make it look like their fans are full of spontaneous love is this email:
OK everyone, Here’s a new contest to get the Soul Hooligan jukebox out around the net. Whoever can get the Jukebox link featured at the most sites will win a Kik Wear t-shirt, Soul Hooligan CD, limited edition poster and some other goodies!!! All you have to do is send me the direct URL to the site where the jukebox is being featured. It can be any kind of site
Whoever posts the jukebox link at the most message boards will receive a Soul Hooligan CD and a VHS copy of Algebra for your viewing pleasure!!! (must be a minimum of 20 posts) Just copy and paste the direct URL of your posts and put them in an email and send them to me.
Both contests end 6/26!!!

Don't forget this is Maverick records, a not entirely under-resourced record label, trying to wedge up the web with unpaid for adverts...

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