Thursday, June 06, 2002

WE NAME THE SPAM BANDS: Maroon 5 are especially stupid - they clearly know that to make it into the scum-sucking spam band slot, you need to try less hard. Their wedgie email to bsn actually managed to spell their own name wrong. Dolts.
...AND THE SPAM BRANDS: And a special hats off to Coca Cola - the most recognised brand name on the planet, spending on advertising so high they could just give everyone a bottle instead, and still they attempt an inept, guerilla marketing campaign. To launch the not disagreeable sounding new Vanilla Coke, they've built a site that stinks of officially licensed tail-pulling (even sneaking in a reference to New Coke - dangerous) and then got the sort of dolts who usually talk up skatebands and goatpunks to try and drive traffic by posting rubbish messages along the lines of "Someone gave me a can of vanilla coke, which you can't get in the shops yet, and it had a link to this site" - which is VCLounge. Which is a lousy set-up, isn't it? Because since the site is meant to be believed as an unofficial, leaked information deal, why would the URL be on the can? And if its not in the shops yet, surely the can would have had to have come from someone with some sort of link to Atlanta anyway? Begone, brown fizzy stuff.

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