Tuesday, July 30, 2002

THE BAMBOO REVIEW: Becky did done go see Ben Kweller, and this is what she reported back:
so I talked nickie into going with me to see ben kweller last saturday. it didn't take much doing - she says she trusts my taste. hmm... I impressed nickie with my parking karma when we got up there. seriously. I don't know how I do it, but I always seem to be able to find something within a reasonable walking distance. if you've ever been to san francisco, you would appreciate this talent. slim's was packed, mostly with younger kids, although nickie and I weren't the oldest people there, thank goodness.

we'd missed the first band, but were there in time to see my morning jacket. I'd heard the name before, but not the music. they came out looking very metal. like they had just gone to a metallica concert or something. they all did cousin it impersonations while they were playing and singing, which made me just want to sit them down and cut their hair. and with that thought, I have officially crossed over into Being Too Old For All Ages Shows. next thing I know I'll be sighing and saying "I just don't understand kids these days." oh WAIT. I say that all the time. anyways. they were really good. kinda power pop, but with a harder edge. the singer had a rather high voice, which really
didn't fit with the whole headbanger image. I liked them.

so then ben kweller came out while the girls in the front row snapped so many pictures it looked like they'd set up a strobe light. nickie's response was "he's so cute!" a girl in front of us turned around and giggled, "I know! he is!" she misunderstood, though. nickie was commenting on the fact that he's so
young. and really, he is. he looks like he should still be wearing braces and getting trash canned by the seniors. in fact, his whole band looked like freshman extras from dazed and confused. they opened with a cover (not ice ice baby) and then played most of the songs from the album. there was one in the middle I didn't recognize (perhaps from his previous band?), and one new one that was excellent. they were really tight, and kept the crowd with them, even while re-tuning. it was an awesome show.. just straight forward rock without pretensions. good stuff.

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