Monday, July 29, 2002

BEYONCE, ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN HANDLE THIS?: While the tale Beyonce has told the Daily Mirror of saving a fan from killing themselves is wonderful publicity for her debut solo single, and, of course, rather heartwarming in its way, it's also a bit worrying. See, there's been a long tradition of celebs visiting bedsides in the hope of reviving someone in a coma, but this raises the stakes a little by calling for the personality to intervene before the paramedics are called. And we do admire Beyonce's actions in saving this girl's life - it seems the call gave her self-worth in the way that Cordelia once told Angel that just knowing celebrities made your life better. But this might have been one of those good works that it's better not to talk about. Because 'Beyonce phones fan seconds before they're about to kill themselves' is a powerful image, and we wonder what it will do to other depressed Destiny's Child fans - the ones who don't get a call, the ones who in their darkest moments realise that their lives aren't worth a Vodaphone airtime voucher to Beyonce? In that point where the miserable become suicidal, the moment where you can taste the cusp between life and death, in talking of her rescue of one, Beyonce may unwittingly have shuffled others towards the darker outcome.
Beyonce knows she can't be there for everyone on the edge of despair. It's unfortunate she has implied that she could be.

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