Wednesday, July 31, 2002

BLOOD FEUD: Interesting piece on the Bloodshot Records faq about mp3s and file sharing, which again seems to miss the point slightly. They say at first they weren't that bothered but "Sadly, as the number of people availing themselves to this technology has grown, the number of people who have no connection or loyalty to the independent music they are downloading has also grown---they are just looking for some free music. Hmmm, now while that must be vexing, even frustrating, it's still not clear how that costs Bloodshot and their artists actual money. Sure, it sucks, and it's unfair, but these 'people' of whom they talk, who have no interest in Bloodshot music and are only there cause the music's free - how are they lost customers? If people who would otherwise have bought a record don't, that's lost sales. But if people who had no intention of ever buying a record don't - where's the loss?

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