Monday, July 29, 2002

NEW RELEASE MONDAY: Or more stuff to buy, if you like. Daybreaker is the new ho-humly received Beth Orton album, but we love her desperately and are sure its worth a tenner of anyone's money. Scouse psychrockers The Coral debut their self-titled album today. For those of you with sixty odd quid, there's a Yes box set, but for three letter throwback fun at its best, ABC's Beauty Stab is given a shake down and a remastering; while the Belle Stars have a Best Of - um, Iko Iko and...? The Rising is Bruce Springsteen's attempts to exorcise his September 11th ghosts (he, like, was there - watching it on TV); The Circle Jerks' Group Sex is out - nothing much to add. The original Cowboy Junkies stuff was recorded in a deconsecrated church - it's arguable if The BBC sessions were done in a more or less eerie place; whatever, the results of Kershaw and Peel sponsored fun are impressive. Serial Girlfriend is fresh from Holly Golightly, and aussie lo-but-fi Lucksmiths try where were we - think Billy Bragg with better jokes and a sunnier mindset. But our bet for your cash this week is on Teenbeat's bright new things the pocket rockets who offer up their hearts and minds in a post-nirvana squash in the shape of Love or Perish; like Belly, who have their best of released today, but with spunk where the heroin would go.

In singles Falling sees McAlmont and Butler back together, while Britney loves her boys, she does.

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