Monday, July 29, 2002

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH: Interesting that Joe Biden is also attempting to position himself as the friend of copyright. Biden frets that every episode of Seinfeld is available for download over the net, and he wants to make it a crime to break anti-piracy protections on 'intellectual property.' Biden clearly believes deeply that stealing intellectual property is wrong, and he will be its champion.
Erm... is this the same Joe Biden who was kicked out the race for the White House in 1987 because he was caught lifting bits of Neil Kinnock's speeches and some by George Kennedy? The same Joe Biden who was failed while at law school because he'd copied large chunks of an essay? Maybe we could support your bill, Joe, if you include a get-out clause like the one you tried to use - we could simply say we thought the rules were different for mp3s/legal briefs/episodes of Seinfeld, couldn't we? Or maybe you could just explain to us why it's wrong for a kid to play a CD he's bought on his own PC, and yet its okay for a Senator to try and pass off someone else's speeches as his own?

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