Tuesday, July 09, 2002

SHAZAM, BAM, THANK YOU, THE MAN: There's been a lot of excitement over the beta launch of Shazam, the service that uses your mobile phone to tell you exactly what that track is, but we'd been wondering exactly why. We could see what it would do for us, the people - no more would we have to wait three singles lenght for a back announcement from a dj which never comes; and we could see that maybe a couple of extra cds could be sold as a result. But that hardly accounted for all the excitement. Now, we see what we were missing, as we've stumbled across a Shazam Tag Chart, which lists the top ten pre-release tracks that users have been asking about. All of a sudden, the whole service's value to music owners has made sense - this could be the strongest way of judging reactions from listeners to new music yet. Potentially, the shazam chart could be the closest thing to the noises trapped in listener's heads. It's very exciting - even if Coldplay are currently number one in their listing.
shazam - now we need a service that'll tell us who their scary models are

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