Tuesday, July 09, 2002

WORTH BOOKMARKING: Commercial Breaks and Beats is a nascent database of tracks used in British adverts, which is currently stretching back to 1996 and attempting to provide an answer to the question "what was the track in the advert for that car?" and "what exactly was it that Lisa Gerarrd was used to promote?" - the answer being the controversial MMR vaccine, strangely enough. Presumably because the fear of making your kid autistic wasn't scary enough without Lisa's otherworldly shivernoise over the top. It needs your help, and isn't ashamed to admit it, but it has the makings of something really useful.

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PATCHES said...

You may or may not be aware but all this web site's content was arbitrarily deleted. All that remains is this message:

Commercial Breaks and Beats

The entire Commercial Breaks and Beats site was arbitrarily deleted in its entirety by EasyCGI on November 29th 2008, without any authorisation or action from the site owner, thereby erasing almost 6 years of hard work, both from the site's editor, and the loyal and collaborative users.

At this stage, I'm still deciding what to do, as EasyCGI are being obstructive and unapologetic. The site's database is safe and backed up, but the messageboard, which has flourished over recent years, has gone along with the large userbase. I hope that this may be the time to move the site away from EasyCGI to a company that treats their long-term customers with more care.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Editor
Commercial Breaks and Beats by the

Real sad. I've written to EasyCGI to express my disgust but I have not been able to find contact details for Murray the editor to let him know.

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