Thursday, August 01, 2002

POPBITCH TWANG: Of course, we know that The Good People At Popbitch had only the best intentions with their annorexia special mailout this week - demonstrating how the behaviour of various celebs appears to mimic the way scarily-thin cult of self-starvation websites suggest wannabe bag-of-bones behave in order to get that just-built-railways look. But we're more than a little disquieted at their decision to run huge chunks of "advice" lifted from ana and mia sites. Of course, this information is available on the web, but putting it in the context of a pop gossip mailout is bringing this headfucking stuff to a whole new audience. Worse, by linking it to the likes of Halliwell, Minogue and Beckham you might think you're saying "see - they really are annorexic"; but in effect you're saying "these thin people do this - and they're not unhealthy, are they?" Which might be a bit of a dangerous way to raise a giggle.

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