Thursday, August 01, 2002

THEROUX THROWN OUT: Now, here's a curiosity - Louis Theroux had been planning to do one of his trademark documentaries backstage at the next Here and Now tour. Theroux, who plays the geek in a bid to encourage b-list celebs to drop their guard - like a cross between a python and Bill Gates - had been trying to organise access to the 80's revivalist show, but apparently too many of the acts refused to take part. So far, the BBC and Theroux have been quiet on who wouldn't take part. We find it hard to believe that the Human League would have been frit of a spot of probing - any band willing to play office parties have to have a sense of humour; Kim Wilde and Clare Grogan both work in television now and could probably cope. The Belle Stars would probably leap at any publicity they could get, and Steve Strange has proved quite happy to be open about the troubles in his past. That leaves Five Star - who were always really uppity when people took the piss out them when they were successful; they'd probably not enjoy getting grilled on a 'wanking for coins' reunion tour; and the way David Van Day was made to look a grade a tosser on the recent Bucks Fizz documentary would make the self-important hotdog salesman think twice before opening up to cameras again.
Dead pop stars reanimated [Ananova] - we'd never take the piss out of Five Star

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