Tuesday, October 29, 2002

ANOTHER DUH SURVEY: Who'd have thought? People, given the choice, would really rather their CDs weren't copy-protected. 82% want to be able to back-up their CD collection; 77% want to be able to make copies to use elsewhere (the "different one in the car" approach) and 60% want to be able to copy their CDs for family and friends. Doubtless, Hilary is already recasting this as "More than half the Americans want to steal music" for some press release or other, but even if you're sympathetic to the RIAA's canute like attempts to turn back the tide, this survey shows just what a massive job they've got on their hands. If more than half the population believe its okay to give copies of CDs to their family, how is the RIAA ever to get a weight of public support for any form of copy protection?

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