Tuesday, October 29, 2002

FAIR AND UNBIASED: It pains us - physically pains us - to link to Fox News, but its them who've got the piece about the return of Rod Stewart and Santana. They reckon its a response to five years of "junk" in the charts. Not quite sure how that would work, to be honest - "Shall we go out and buy a Rod Stewart album, honey?" "Well, the charts have been shit for five years, so why not?" There must be a reason why Rod's album is selling, and it's probably not a reaction. In fact, Rod's greatest trick was getting himself dropped - twice - by AOL Time Warner. Rod, in effect, wound up on a hyper-indie label (J), who were small and sleek enough to market him properly. Again, the majors have been shown up as being useless - J is run by Clive Davis, who was given the stick by Arista because he was "too old" and who now has been hired back by the people who sacked him.
Every time the RIAA tells you that mp3 is eating into their profits, wave a story like this at them, and ask "What profits?"

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