Sunday, October 27, 2002

KYLIE KNICKERS IN A TWIST: You might have thought you could trust an MP. [Pauses for laughter to die down]. Yeah, but even so, who on earth would try and pass off 'a pair of knickers from her clothing range' as knickers that Kylie has worn - even setting aside the disappointing lack of DNA for cloning possibilities, that's gonna be a bum deal, isn't it? Although we do like the idea of the Australian Labour Party being so bankrupt both fiscally and morally that they're reduced first to flogging worn pants and then to sink lower down to flogging faked sold pants - maybe it'll be soiled schoolgirl undergarments next?
The Ananova report is curious, though - it ends: "Kylie has promised to send the successful bidders, one of who spent AU$5,000 on the items, proper signed photographs and said she would reframe items at her own expense." Which makes us wonder - why did they come out of the frame at all? Did she need to sniff 'em to see if they were hers after all? Has there been rigorous testing undergone?

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