Tuesday, October 22, 2002

NORTH COUNTRY BOY: There's what the nme describes as "speculation" over the future of the Charlatans following the announcement of tim Burgess' plans to record a country-tinged album with Linus of Hollywood. Maybe it is the end for the Charlies - we hope not, but they've always behaved like men who knew what they had to do, and so if they decide there's no more, then that's fair enough; although it will mark the final conclusion of the Baggy Adventure if the band David Quantick described as being "left to carry the bag" call it quits.
Amusing that Tim goes alt.country at just the same time as one of No Rock's other favourite sexpixies, Cerys Matthews, makes a similar musical journey...
(By the way, can anyone explain why the Charlatans photo album on the nme site includes a picture of Penny Smith and Nick Kent?)
Anyone in New York, by the way, can pop down to see Tim djing at the Union Square megastore, where he'll be showcasing the best of British Talent, apparently. We're assuming this won't be Atomic Kitten.

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