Friday, November 01, 2002

IMAGINE HOW MINTED SHE'D BE IF SHE LET THEM RE-ISSUE SEX: The Sunday Times has come up with a list of the highest-earning UK based popstars in the year to 30/09/02 - yeah, we know. They once exposed the Thalidamide scandal, and now they're reduced to calcuating what sort of return Sting must make from his commercials. Anyway, here's the list - and remember, the figures are how much they added, not how much they're worth:
1. Madonna (GBP36 million)
2. Sir Paul McCartney (GBP35 million)
3. Sir Mick Jagger (GBP24.5 million)
4. Keith Richards (GBP24 million)
5. Sting (GBP21.8 million)
6. Eric Clapton (GBP14.2 million)
7. Rod Stewart (GBP12 million)
8. Charlie Watts (GBP12 million)
9. Pete Townshend (GBP10 million)
10. Robbie Williams & Ronnie Wood (GBP10 million)
The question, surely, is what the hell did Sting do that netted him GBP2,500 an hour last year - even while he was sleeeping? Jesus, no wonder the man loves tantric sex so much - eight hours of shagging later, and he knows that his bank account has just added 20 grand to itself. If you're wondering why Madonna is on the list, it's because she has a house in London which she lives in; at least until Swept Away opens in the UK when she'll be attacked by people carrying pitchforks and burning tyres and run out of town.

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