Friday, November 01, 2002

MAKING MONEY OFF THE BACK OF BALI: You have to wonder sometimes at the people who rise to ther top of companies. Do they get singled out when regular health checkups discover a brain of kapok and a heart of stone, or do they start out with normal, fleshy organs that atrophy as they sit in a chrome-and-black-leather office, playing with their Newton's Cradle and wondering if the perky brunette from the staff canteen would be the sort to file sexual harrassment charges? Or maybe they're just plain incompetent to start with. Take, for example,, owned by that Ticketmaster and 7 Networks. You'd think that a company with a pedigree like that would realise that if Paul McCartney says he's cancelling a gig out of respect for the dead in the Bali bomb, keeping the booking fees will be a public relations disaster.

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