Monday, February 24, 2003

POSSIBLY THE MOST UGLY NAMES FOR AWARDS IN THE HISTORY OF AWARDS: have launched another answer to the Grammys, the hideously entitled The Critiquees , although surely the point of blogcritics is to provide a common home for quality writing by people with varying tastes? Which would make having an overall favourite album, say, a bit of a contradictory concept? For what it's worth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot wins, and we'd have to say "Writing by the sort of people who quite like Wilco" would be rather an apt strapline for Blogcritics. However, the Buffy album is at number eight, which means we forgive them almost anything. Shockingly, Avril comes out at number two in Best new artist, which we put down to many regular blogcriticers being unable to acknowledge that there are any artists they've not heard of before.

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