Wednesday, February 26, 2003

YOU THINK I GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE GRAMMYS?: Well, we don't have to, as Becky Bamboo was our man at the Grammys. Except she's not a man, and she wasn't there, but at least in the right continent:
okay, so is it just me or was there just a bit too much nora jones love? the grammys always seem to go overboard when they find something innoffensive that just about everyone likes. I mean, sure, it was a nice little album with a few weak spots but I can think of 20 others off the top of my head that were much more deserving of those awards.

how freakin' cool was it to see simon & garfunkel? that was too awesome. I think the eagles' announcement of hell freezing over was premature. it officially happened sunday night. and it was a nice touch to have dustin hoffman introduce them. I could've lived without his painful intro of no doubt though.

speaking of no doubt, what the hell was that car wash thing attached to gwen stefani's ass? other than that I dug their performance.

someone please explain to me how anyone can say the words "country music" and "faith hill" in the same sentence. unless it's: "faith hill has about as much relation to country music as kraftwerk does" I'm not buying it. oh, and thanks for the coochie shot, love.

and yet another coldplay "what the fuck?" moment. sure they're a nice enough band, with some pretty songs and nothing that makes me absolutely despise them (other than "spies") but: "one of rock's most innovative bands", "remarkable", "outstanding", "musically ambitious"? not a chance in hell. innovative? hardly. they haven't risen beyond their influences. they haven't even risen to the level of their influences. remarkable? the only remarkable thing is all this fucking praise they're getting all of a sudden. outstanding? well, they're not horrible. musically ambitious? no way. they take no chances with their sound. I'm really and truly baffled by this. I saw them at glastonbury in 2000 and liked them okay. I love "yellow". I saw them when they first toured here and while not overwhelmed, was entertained. but by no means do they deserve any one of those hyperbolic phrases. you have to wonder if the members of the new york philharmonic laughed themselves silly at "musically ambitious" as they were playing their sustained whole notes as the backing orchestra. I know I would've.

nelly, ashanti... I wasn't all that impressed. although I will say this about ashanti - she's a hell of a better singer than she is an actor.

but eminem backed by the roots? fucking awesome. I love that song anyway, but to hear it with a band and not with a backing track... wow. there is so much tension that just builds and builds so when you hit that chorus it just lifts you onto your feet and into the air. definitely the highlight of the night.

"london calling" was great too. elvis, bruce, dave grohl, and steve van zandt... nice and furious rendition, boys.

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