Saturday, March 08, 2003

BAD VIBARTOS: It's not just classical music which could do with banning vibrato, as Roger Norrington has called for. While the whole dancing about the actual note being aimed for can sometimes be quite a nice effect both musically and vocally, it's become a fall-back position for people who can't quite hold a note. Whitney Houston, for example, is given all this praise for being a wonderful singer because she manages to trumpet up and down the scale three or four times on a short word like "all." Now, maybe she is the world's greatest singer and doing it to stop getting bored, but we suspect that she's actually wandering about looking for the correct note like a ten year old boy looking for his PE kit. We'd like to see all the artists who choose to use vibrato (normally on their ballads, because they have to sing properly there) being challenged to do the song without wobbling. We suspect, for example, Christina Aguilera would be hard put to make it through beautiful in one go. And if nelly Furtado ever comes back, she's going to find it tricky, too.

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