Thursday, March 06, 2003

GREAT, LET'S GET HAL TO DJ: The Guardian Online is quite excited by the prospect of computer software that can recommend music you'd like, in its opinion, based on what other people who quite like what you like also like - although we can't help but wonder if everyone chose to listen to stuff on the basis of audioscrobbler's recommendations, wouldn't the end result be more narrow-minded scene based music listening than the broader, glorious sweep of surprises they promise? After all, while there must be Oasis fans who also like Lolly, surely their influence is going to be swamped by the millions who like coldplay? Besides, if we wanted to be told what to listen to [can you hear that?] by a cold computer [it's the sound of the flag on the punchline waving in the wind] we'd tune in to Colin Murray.

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