Monday, March 03, 2003

THE LIAR IN HIS LAIR LAID OUT: How shambling a sad case is Fred Durst looking? After having yakked away about Britney Spear's nipples to The Sun at the weekend, his response to Britney saying (basically) "yeah, he wishes, cockroach" is to bluster hey, let's talk about the album instead. Mind you, with his track record, there probably isn't an album anyway, is there? He's probably made that up too. You'll buy Bipolar (and has there been a more nauseating attempt to pass off the merely rubbish under the guise of 'hey, look at me, I'm interestingly mentally ill' since Elizabeth Wurtzel's apparent confusion of being a spoilt cow with being all head-wronged?) and it'll just wind up being the mantra "I plead the fifth" over and over...

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