Monday, March 31, 2003

WHY SPONSOR THE CHART SHOW WHEN YOU CAN BE IN THE CHARTS?: The Lucian James chart may be something akin to No Rock's old 'Supermarket of Pop' which we used to do back on our heady days on incredibly local radio, and then revised for bsn, but the sheer number of songs being mentioned in top-selling tracks now suggests that maybe there is a spot of product placement going on now. Once, the BBC used to have a fit of the Vicks Vapours when songs came up with brand names in, fearing that maybe money had changed hands to get a product onto Radio One by stealth - hence The Kinks had to change Coca-Cola to Cherry Cola (C-O-L-A cola) and Dr Hook's the Cover of Rolling Stone had to have a bunch of A&R guys bellow 'Radio Times' over the offending name of the magazine (nowadays, they'd have to add "other listings magazines are available"). Now they're a bit more relaxed, but it seems that they should start worrying.
We wonder just how easy it would be to get, say, Lenny Kravitz to slip a reference to Tydeman's Carpets into one of his songs.

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