Wednesday, April 02, 2003

GOING RATE: At the moment, Glastonbury tickets on Ebay seem to have reached roughly two hundred quid each - a few brave (foolish?) souls are offering three hundred, and grumpy touts are having to refuse bids from the likes of 'damntouts' for squillions of pounds - they're just bringing the whole process of fleecing into disrepute, of course. What's especially amusing is the way that people are trying to illustrate a bid for an item they have yet to touch - pictures of some mud, hopeless mock-ups of How Tickets Might Look and even the 2002 Festival Logo. (Ah, they can right-click on a website - it must be genuine). Eavis' ploy of not sending out tickets until much later hasn't had much effect - the sellers have merely added "you might not get your tickets till the week before; we'll send them registered/overnight" - because an extra couple of quid postage on £600-worth of tickets isn't much, is it? We wonder what the confirmatory email ticket holders got actually said - if it wasn't legally watertight, then it would be hard to see how Glasto could refuse to send out tickets to people on that basis.
Of course, if you don't fancy blowing a couple of hundred on seeing Moby, there is still a way you could get in - assuming Osfam run the Stewards scheme again this year. Why hand your cash over to a tout when you could work your passage, get a more secure sleeping area and get in for free?

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