Friday, April 04, 2003

MORE RIAA CLUSTERBOMBING: Seemingly desperate to make themselves look like the world's worst corporate body, the RIAA has launched legal action against four students for running what the Record Industry body claims are 'Napster-like' networks in a college. We really hope this doesn't blow up in the RIAA's face - okay, we do: it looks like there could be a pretty strong defence that the students invovled aren't actually allowing or encouraging file sharing, but merely providing an indexing system; in addition, while the systems could be used to share MP3s, it doesn't take a genius hotshot lawyer to suppose that there may be reasons totally unrelated with bootleg Bob Marley album tracks that such a service could be put to. And even if the RIAA manage to fund an expensive legal team to crush the bright eyed youngsters like bugs, they're not going to come out of that looking very good or cool, are they? "We have destroyed the lives of young people so that Madonna can keep hold of a few extra cents."
Hilary Rosen has not appeared live on television for some days.

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