Friday, May 30, 2003

IN THROUGH THE WINDOW: It turns out the rumours of a Libertine gig in a flat in Chelsea were spot on. We didn't go, but Kirsty of You' did clamber under the sash, and she's agreed to let us use her on-the-spot report:
The gig took place in a tiny one bed flat in Chelsea, complete with a very sweet little garden. which saw the first set of the evening by Peter, and was soon swilled with beer, and very crowded. A folk-ish type took over when the young girl who's guitar it was decided she wanted it back. Pah ;) Back inside the lovely, graffiti covered flat (all done that day, which my dress can attest to since its now covered in red paint) the equipment finally turned up, and random people were dragged in to play drums and guitar since the only libertine that was in attendance was peter. The police soon arrived, well, a few times actually, until they threatened to confiscate the equipment. the band who had brought the stuff in quickly started packing everything away, with peter still singing on. Eventually, the police agreed to a compromise of letting it continue acoustically, which was my highlight of the evening, esp. since Peter relented to my pestering for Bucket Shop and Music When The Lights Go Out. Also played were about three versions of Babyshambles, and 2 of Don't Look Back Into The Sun (which is all finished and being mixed at the moment). And much much more. Then, of course, the police decide its time for quiet, and a very hot, sweaty and shambollic night comes to an end.

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