Friday, May 30, 2003

IT WASN'T US, M'KAY?: This whole tale about a little blind girl who got a brush-off email from someone pretending to be Mariah Carey smells a bit iffy to us. It's not merely because the whole premise sounds like the sort of TV Movie Hallmark would blush to show during daytime, but we can't quite figure out how it all was meant to have happened. The grandmother of the girl visits a website which she mistakes for an official Mariah site, sends an email, gets back a callous brush-off, Mariah gets to hear about it, and now it looks like a meeting will be arranged.
Okay, let's be fair and accept this bit "Hofland said her granddaughter admires Carey so much she has learned to play some of her songs on the piano.
"Mariah is her imaginary friend. She takes Mariah everywhere with her," Hofland said. "When I pick her up, Mariah Carey is in the car. She absolutely adores her."
And let's try and pretend that it doesn't sound either like PR guff or the sort of thing that maybe should be seen as a cry for help.
But this still leaves the question: if the site was a Mariah site, it must have been run by a Mariah fan, who presumably wouldn't jerk-off one of her fellow fans in her idol's name? And if it was an anti-Mariah site, how stupid would a person have to be to send such a request to, say these people?
And, finally, how would Mariah have got to hear about this anyway? From some of the press reports, you could think that Mariah doesn't hear the sound of townspeople when they arrive to float her comfort pills up to her on balloons, much less about a blind girl getting the bum's rush. The whole thing smells of PR make-up to us.

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