Sunday, June 15, 2003

AND WE MISSED ANOTHER: This is what happens when you spend a week before you post something - yeah, we know, instant web publishing, ain't it grand, yadda yadda.
Anyway, Simon Tyers has pointed us in the direction of Warner Chapell's U-turn on the Radiohead lyric and tab fansites.
What's fascinating here is that the pressure seems to have come from Radiohead themselves for the W-C climbdown - would the muscle of a band whose potential future sales don't contribute so much to the bottom line have the same effect, we wonder? - and that they aren't just going to leave the sites alone, but instead introduce one-year, free-use licences.
However, this is almost the closest we've got to a record company confessing that limited availabilty of free stuff doesn't, actually, impact on their sales. We're making a note of that, using a pretty, glittery gel pen.

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