Thursday, June 26, 2003

'IF THIS DOESN'T WORK, WE'LL START TO SELL CIGARETTES TO KITTENS: The Record Industry's apparent mission to make itself seem the biggest bunch of lemon-tart eating sods on the planet continues apace, with their confirmation that they'll start suing individuals to stop them 'stealing' music. They say they're going to go after the heavy users; of course, they'll select heavy users who are unlikely to be able to afford good legal representation, because where would the fun be if they could fight back? When you hang a freshly-hanged corpse on the town wall, you want to make sure the bastard's dead, and not about to start spouting off about rights, about how can they prove they're losing money when people download - how can they demonstrate that person X would have bought track Y, about who is actually committing the crime - the person who puts the file up, or the person who pulls it down? - any of those legal issues could be awkward for the RIAA. And they wouldn't want to be forced to squirm in open court on the whole question of whether they actually own download rights for a lot of these songs, or how they can claim loss of earnings on tracks which are out of print, or... But you get the picture.

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