Friday, June 13, 2003

MY NAME IS OZYMANDIAS. AND THIS IS MY LOVELY WIFE, VICTORIA: Funny as it may sound, presenting the all-important Transatlantic Breakthrough award at the MTV Movie Awards hasn't turned Posh and David 'Sold like a slave' Beckham into household names in America. It seems the US wants to know exactly what it is they, well, do, before giving them a second glance.
Even the supermarket-brand-battery-bright Burchill has turned against the pair, suggesting that David is pussy-whipped by Victoria or something... really, it didn't make much sense to me, apart from the odd realisation that Julie believes that when David goes to Barcelona, we'll never hear of them again.#
None of this explains, of course, the insane judgement of the usually-reliable Channel 4 News to lead with the Beckham transfer the other night - it was like Harold Pinter writing a play about Will Young.

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