Monday, June 16, 2003

NO ASTORIA LA VISTA, BABY: Encouraging news from London, where the Footloose-style local old folks at Westminster City Council have withdrawn their appeal against the Astoria. Westminster - the people who brought you the selling-off-graveyards-for-a-penny, gerrymandering-housing-policies and dumping-poor-people-in-asbestos-filled-flats-even-though-they-knew-they-were-harmful scandals had thought that their misdeeds were entertaining enough for locals and there was no need for fancy-dan affectations like discotechques and so on. However, they've now come to their senses.

While we're on a venuewatch, the wavy-lined mouths at the recently deceased Liverpool Lomax will be presumably turned down further to see their old venue, the L2, about to reopen as... a big dance and live venue. Luckily, the place seems to be perfect for it as the previous tennants spent a small fortune converting it into a great place for live music and dancing, before they decided to move to somewhere else for whatever reason. The real problem is that the venue is a sister site to the Birmingham and Glasgow Academys, and so they're going to call it the Academy. Unfortunately, the Liverpool University venue recently hooked up with the Manchester Uni operation and rebranded itself... the Academy. Apparently it's not going to be confusing because one will be called "[sponsors name] Academy Liverpool" and the other Liverpool Academy. A taxi driver said, yesterday, "sorry mate, didn't realise you wanted the other one - it's another fiver away..."
We wait for wisdom to prevail.

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