Monday, June 02, 2003

READING BETWEEN THE LINES: When the Australian Daily Telegraph says New style for subdued Avril , we suspect they're trying to hint that she looked like she could care less about Australian fans. But wouldn't that mean she was getting a wee bit arrogant? Surely not.
Someone offered her a thousand australian dollars for the bottle she'd just drunk from - they probably thought they could develop a movie from it.
But to return to the When Popstars Wane topic, there's a nice examination - also from Australia - of Madonna's long slow slide into Rosemary Clooney status. Of course, it would be dangerous to write Madonna off completely - indeed, if anyone could come back from such a slump, it would be the woman who turned it round so spectacularly after the guff that was Sex and Bedtime Stories - but it does look grim for her right now.
And if you needed any proof that madonna is like a bellweather for the music industry - in the same way the RIAA and BPI blame all sort of factors bar one for the drop in sales, this article considers a range of reasons why Madonna is no longer the bestest - Cher's comeback, people feeling manipulated by her, lukewarm reviews - but doesn't mention the surely most significant fact: that the work she's producing now is just a load of ropey old tosh.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree that Madonna managed to turn her career around since the Sex and Bedtime Stories debacles. Erotica was her last recognizably classic album (and even it was weaker than all of her 80s masterworks). It's been downhill ever since.

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