Tuesday, June 10, 2003

SEARCH FOR SOME STARS: We've got a little sick of the whole Pop Idol Academy Fame thing, and the constant focus on the looks of singers that it brings with it. And the obsession with looks over talent that marks out much of the stuff aimed at charts these days. Not, we should add quickly, because we want out popstars to be ugly - far from it; our problem is the stars just look so rubbish. Blue? Avril Lavigne? These are meant to be turning our legs to jelly? As if. Meanwhile, there are acts like the dreadful Akash who claim to be the most erotic band in the world, but clearly aren't.
So, we're launching the world's first totally shallow search for the sexiest unknown band or singer in the world. It could be you. Just email the evidence to i_am_a_glorious_creature@yahoo.co.uk and we'll consider you for our short list. Remember, the important thing here isn't talent, it's a lot more trivial than that. Of course, on the other hand, we might get bored and drop the whole contest, but we'll give a namecheck and plug to all the entries. Along with a critique. The overall winner will be given enthusiastic support and, I dunno, some sweets or something. Bring it on...

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