Sunday, June 01, 2003

THE VINYL COUNTDOWN?: While we don't shed many tears for the fate of the record labels, the current downturn in the music industry (you might have noticed this - they say it's our fault, we reckon that it's because the great music has dried up) and the shifting of music-selling from shop to screen, and from record shop to supermarket, looks about to claim a large scalp, as Andys records slump into administration. They're trying to save as many of the existing stores as they can.
In the last couple of years, Tower has pulled out of the UK, Our Price has been axed, revamping into some sort of crappy mobile phone store, and Boots have given up record retailing altogether. Now the largest indie chain is in serious trouble. You can almost sympathise with Virgin and HMV's desperate bid to repackage themselves as lifestyle stores rather than record shops.

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