Wednesday, July 16, 2003

BUSH ON THE WING: Gavin Rossdale to play member of crap England 1950 World Cup Team in a movie about the US team which knocked the English out the world cup. (Knowing the usual conenction of Hollywood movies to the truth, we'd imagine in this version the Americans go on to both win the world cup outright, and foil plans by "Muslim Fundamentalists" to blow up the Queen of England at half time.) It's a given fact, of course, that all films about football are rubbish - with the sole exception of Gregory's Girl, of course* - and we're far from convinced that hiring Gavin is a sign that this one is going to change the run of duff-ness.

We especially like the way the report tails off with "Just a Girl" is one of No Doubt's hits", like an old person trying to prove that they're still capable of managing their own finances.

* - Actually, what was that movie about the girls who broke into the footy stadium at night? Those Glory, Glory Days. That was quite good, actually. But it was made for TV and as such, doesn't count. Nor does Another Sunday, Sweet FA, before you ask. But we remain to be corrected - email us at oi-the-ref-needs-bloody-glasses if you want to take issue.

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