Sunday, July 13, 2003

FRANK BLACK REVEALS 'PLAN B': Just a few days after the Guardian was wondering why Frank Black has never been able to recapture the glory of his band days, Charles himself has mulled about the idea of resurrecting the Pixies. Now, we love the Pixies. We loved them (although we do have an amusing story about walking out of their biggest UK gig ever - another time, I think, another time) and we love them still. But we can't help feeling that a reunion is going to come off more Grace and Favour than Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads, if you get our drift. Sometimes bands stop because they run out - of time, of ideas, of the joy of doing it - and time apart can rejuvenate them; the spark can return. Other bands split up because they know it's over. Their work is done. And we've always thought that the Pixies belong in that latter category. So, while the reunion of the Throwing Muses is an occasion for joy, the prospect of nuPixies is slightly off-putting. And what if he tries to make Kim sing any of his Beach Boys Inspired stuff?

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