Wednesday, July 16, 2003

KNICKERS: And back again we go to pick over the Liz Phair Goes Pop affair - Reuteurs Hollywood Reporter take the time to interview both Phair and the Matrix's Lauren Christy. Interestingly, Phair compares the process of collaborating with being a painter who gets told they're going to do a public works project. ""This album represents me trying to get the voice of an authentic woman where young girls will hear it," Phair says. "I feel very frustrated with music and women and their role. I hope to God I can take my name at the end of this and make my own little recordings, but nobody made me do anything. If you hate this, point at me." Hey, not only does she now have Avril's sognwriters, she's starting to issue Avril's defensive statements, too.

The Knickers headline? Apparently the chorus in Favorite, where Liz compares her ex to underwear, was against her judgement.

Sales of the album are still lagging behind whitechocolatespaceegg at this point, but she's picked up a heavy rotation slot on VH1 and the new single is doing well in US airplay. Maybe the sacrifices will pay off, after all.

Curious margin note: Beth Orton never got all this shit when she worked with the Chemical Brothers, did she? And wouldn't that have been for pretty much the same reasons?

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